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Oct 2012 new website is up and running.

 we Specialize in VW and Porsche Scale Models from Germany. VW bug ,VW Bus, VW Typ III ,VW Thing. Porsche 911 Scale Models ,Porsche 917 Scale Models. from Manufactures like Brekina, Schuco, Wiking ,Rietze,Bub,Minichamps.

Brekina VW Bus and VW Bug Models are HO Scale and made of Plastic. The Detail in scale is excellent. Brekina Porsche models are made of Plastic. we also have many other European Car Makes BMW ,Mercedes Benz ,Smart ,Unimog,Ford,Opel,MAN,Fiat,Volvo,Audi,Austin,Jaguar,Mini,DKW ,Heinkel,

Schuco piccolo Models are made of Metal (Solid Metal) Schuco Makes VW Bus and VW Bus Diecast Models. Schuco Edition 1:43 are Fine Quality Deicast Models. Schuco Junior Line model are 1:72 scale Diecast ,1:43 Diecast and 1:24 Diecast VW Models and Porsche models.